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I live alone and had to have my condo cleaned for a appraisal inspection.  My regular cleaner was not available, so I got a referral through a friend for Go Maids.  I called and spoke with the manager and set up an appointment.  I got a rough estimate for my entire apartment that was very competitive based on my past experiences.  My condo is smaller so they sent one cleaner who I met at the door and showed around my place. She was European and a very nice person.  I had to go, so I left the money for her on the kitchen table.  I came home to a very clean apartment, not that it was terribly dirty to begin with, but she did a very good job and I was satisfied.  Since then, I have used both my old and new cleaners to clean my condo. I would recommend the service to any friend of mine.
Elektric R, Costa Mesa

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